Beginner // 10 Lesson Pack with Associate Vocal Coaches.

10 Easy Weekly Payments.


At MWVS, we understand how difficult it can feel to take the first step. We have helped singers of all ages & levels feel safe and comfortable to develop in their own time and their own way.


Our Vocal Start-Up pack was designed for singers of ALL ages. Beginners, hobby singers and or singers who just love to sing. Learn in a positive, nurturing environment with some of the best.


In this 30min weekly coaching session, you will learn the basics of mastering all three of your voices - Chest, Middle and Head. We will give you the tools necessary to free your voice from strain in the areas you're struggling with, while also increasing your vocal range. We will also apply this new found vocal freedom into your songs.


Have fun, build confidence and gain control of your voice!

Your Commitment:

1x Weekly 30min Lesson

1-2 Hours home practice per week 

What to expect in first lesson:


  • Your goals, interests, skills and experience with singing, to see how we can serve you best.


  • A brief assessment exercise to see where the best place is to start with your voice and to see if there are any other major issues which need attending to.


  • We will prescribe, and run you through a set of exercises that you need to be doing – the RIGHT combination of tools – to free your voice from strain in the areas you’re struggling with.


  • We will look at how to sing songs correctly and eventually with your own distinctive style.


  • We will also look at other possible group classes or performance opportunities, songwriting or other services we have to offer you that would best meet your goals and point you in the right direction.


* Minimum contract 10 lessons. Recurring Payment-weekly. Additional fees & charges apply.

Before purchasing packages please contact studio to make sure sessions are availabie