Mummy vocal Workout

Fridays - 9am-10:30am     $35

It's your chance to do something you love! It's Fun, Socail and even better, no kids!


  • Step out of the shower and into the studios

  • Learn the same technique that Celine Dion and Taylor Swift use every day!

  • Sings songs you love to sing. NO One Direction!

Adult Beginngers Class

Tuesdays - 7:15pm-8:30pm




Youth Singers Workshop-Coming Soon

Depending on your desires and needs, we usually suggest weekly or biweekly lessons to keep your child on the path to steady growth. We also suggest our weekly saturday youth stage skillz class to keep them growing steady and confidently with other youth who are also interested in singing. Our supportive group atmosphere really teaches kids to support each other while developing vital confidence and enthusiasm.