The Method

Do you strain your voice from pushing out high notes? Do you wish you could smooth out that break, from chest voice to head voice? Is your voice weak or breathy all the way through?"


Matts technique is used globally by recording artists, broadway performers, Pop/rock and opera singers alike, Matts goal is to help students, at all levels, understand & develop the fundamentals of “MIX” singing. A technique that allows students to increase their vocal range by over an octave!, free their voices from constriction and restraints, remove the need to strain or reach for high notes and to vocalise with a connect tone from the bottom of the voice to the top while allowing a singer to truly focus on his or her own style.


Current students range from musical theatre professionals to solo recording artists to punk\rock bands. A professional singer himself, Matt knows the frustration & sacrifices a singer goes through to perfect his or her craft.


Combined with his contagious enthusiasm, professional demure it is no wonder Matt is fast becoming one of the most sort after vocal instructors around.